Fashion For Education


 Fashion For Education- A Solidarity Project

Support Educating Poor Young Filipino Girls


Education is vitally necessary to end the cycle of poverty.  Getting an education is the means  by which the poor could acquire the means to support themselves and become economically independent.  During this global pandemic, traditional learning in many schools has been suspended.  Online learning has become the new norm.  Without the necessary gadgets or internet access, however, students living in extreme poverty cannot continue with their education.  Their families cannot even afford a meal a day.  Without any help or support, these poor students will stop school.

As a social enterprise, Wyohflowers strives to create a positive impact by supporting the education of students living in extreme poverty.   Profits from sales of all items in Fashion For Education collection are donated in support of the schools of these scholars.

This project is a collaboration with Style Innovators, Inc., American Initiatives For Social Development and the Foundation for Professional Training Inc. 

All proceeds from these fundraising drives will be donated through the American Initiatives For Social Development, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the state of New York and will go to support poor girls in the Philippines get access to online learning programs and return to school under the current guidelines of the pandemic.  For more details on this initiative, please see American

Explore our Fashion For Education collection and enjoy shopping for a good cause!