Embroidered Custom Aprons- Flippin' Good

Embroidered Custom Aprons- Flippin' Good

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Are you planning on hosting a dinner get-together or are you teaching home schoolers how to cook? Whether you're a pro or a student, this apron will help give you a flippin' fun cooking experience!


  • Embroidered design
  • Wide coverage
  • Lightweight cotton blend fabric
  • Adjustable neckstrap
  • Spacious lap pockets
  • Lengthy hip strap


Gift it or grab it for yourself now for your next home-cooking get-together.

Who made this stuff:  Made by our community of artisan sewers and embroiderers in Lumban, Laguna in the Philippines.   Traditionally, they embroider intricate designs on wedding gowns and Filipino formal wears. This community is known for their extraordinary craftsmanship in sewing and embroidery. 

The Process:  The embroidery designs are created through hand-guided embroidery technique.

This product is part of our Fashion For Education- A Solidarity Project.  All proceeds from the sales of this product will be donated in support of girl scholars in the Philippines who are unable to avail of e-learning programs.

Pre-order:  Because we do not keep large numbers of the articles in stock, your order is a pre-order.  For us, a pre-order is final and therefore,once placed, the process to produce your order is started immediately.  It is possible that a certain article is in stock in which case you will receive your order within 7 days.  If not in stock, or for custom orders, please allow a lead time of 4 weeks from approval of your art, message or design.

Custom sizes from kids to plus sizes can be made.  Simply message us at admin@wyohflowers.com for your order specifications.