Why is Wyohflowers an ethical fashion shop and a social enterprise?

Wyohflowers is a social enterprise because as a microbusiness, its goal is to create a positive social impact by supporting programs that uplift the dignity and livelihood of the marginalized.  As an ethical fashion shop, it exists not only to raise profits but also to raise funds in support of social programs that aim to alleviate poverty and raise the dignity of the marginalized.

What are the social programs that Wyohflowers support?

  • Opportunity Employment- Wyohflowers support organizations that employ or create a livelihood for people living in extreme poverty, with disabilities, the abused and those with significant barrier for mainstream employment. The pieces in this ethical fashion shop are mostly handmade by marginalized artisans.  You can learn more about our artisans and their stories in every product they create.


  • Environmental stewardship –through the production of sustainable products, we strive to take care of the people and the planet. We use natural, biodegradable or upcycled materials in our fashion items.


  • Fairt Trade- Wyohflowers supports and practices the fair trade principles. We ensure that the organizations we work with respects the dignity and rights of their workers and artisans.  Wyohflowers may also work with independent artisans.  In dealing with artisans, Wyohflowers ensure that they are paid promptly and fairly.


  • Education- Through our Fashion For Education project, we support the education of impoverished students. We believe that education is the pillar of development and independence.  All profits from our Fashion For Education collection are donated for educational purposes.


  • Indigenous cultural preservation- Some collections in this ethical fashion boutique are handmade by specific tribes. Their skills of handweaving or jewelry making have been passed on from generations to generations.  Wyohflowers support these initiatives to preserve these cultural heritage.


  • Healthcare causes-- We may help raise funds for specific patients who cannot afford needed healthcare procedures. At this time, we are raising funds for Lucia, a little girl born with Down Syndrome and Congenital Heart Defect.  We are raising funds for Lucia’s open heart surgery.


Are your products of good quality?

Our artisans are trained and have many years of experience in their trade.  Some of these skills such as handweaving, sewing, embroidery and jewelry making are unique and specific to their particular tribe or families and have been passed on from generation to the next.

Imperfections are inherent in handmade items and therefore cannot be avoided sometimes.  If for any reason, however, you are not satisfied with your item, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

I have a fundraising campaign for a personal, school, church or community cause, can I work with Wyohflowers to raise funds?

Yes.  Our items are great for raising funds!  Are you tired of selling sweet cookies and donuts for your fundraising campaigns? How about giving a handmade token of appreciation to your donors and supporters?  We would love to work with you.  

It works the same way as you would do for a cookie drive.  You could get pre-orders from your supporters without having to raise a capital, we’ll take care of producing the tokens, we’ll deliver and you get the profits!  Simple and fun isn’t?

 What kind of fundraising tokens are available?

Our favorites are the embroidered aprons, angel accessories, ornaments and stuffed toys.  If you have a particular token in mind that you would want our artisans custom handmade for you, simply send us an email.

 I love your products, can I get them wholesale for reselling?

Yes, some of our products are available in wholesale prices. Custom items cannot be offered wholesale.  If you are interested reselling our products, please contact us as we would love to hear from you.