Sustainable Fibers Face Masks

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Many artisans have resorted to handmaking unique face masks as an alternative source of living.  In the Philippines, the farmers have begun creating face masks made out of the sustainable fibers they grow.

Abaca or Musa Textilis is a specie of banana plant that is native to the Philippines.  Also known as Manila Hemp, abaca is the strongest of natural fibers and is commonly used not only as cloth but as specialty paper, suitable for filtering.  Abaca is valued for its exceptional strength, flexibility and resistance to water.  This makes abaca suitable for use across different seasons. This abaca face mask is made of 100% abaca outer filter and a comfortable inner lining of fabric scrap.  Cut out to fit every face size and shape.

The abaca are handwoven with love by farmer artisans from Aklan, Philippines.  Use it to protect yourself this flu season while protecting the environment through sustainable fashion.  Available in pretty colors. 

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