Horizontal Bar Golden Brass Pendant In Braided Cord

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Do you love the luxurious elegance of gold but does not want the price?  Golden brass jewelries are the perfect sustainable but affordable alternative! 

This necklace features a simple horizontal golden brass pendant. Handmade by the T'boli tribe in southern Philippines, this indigenous group passed on their skills in metal art from one generation to the next. They gathered metal scraps, melted them and shaped them back into one-of-a-kind jewelry art pieces.  Don't you just love the story behind these brass jewelry?  The love put into the detail of creating this piece and caring for the planet is certainly more precious than a karat gold.


  • One-of-a-kind -- Only available in this shop;
  • Sustainable-- upcycled from metal scraps;
  • Handmade
  • Indigenous
  • Adjustable cord
  • Design: Horizontal bar golden brass pendant
  • Cord- braided fabric scraps