Pandan Natural Straw Bag

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As refreshing as it sounds, this coco pandan is not a summer drink but an ethically handwoven bag made of pandan (Pandanus amaryllifolius) fibers with a handle and charm carved out of coconut shell.

Pandan is a fragrant leaf widely used as flavoring in southeast Asian food.  It is characteristically refreshing, and goes well with the coconut flavor.  The blend of coconut and pandan makes not only for a sweet dessert but also for a sweet and stylish handbag!  So sweet and smart, it will definitely blend well with any naturalists’ beauty!  Wait, there’s more!  Can you see that little golden metal that hugs the tussel?  That’s a brass made from upcycled metal scraps by the T’boli tribe in Lake Sebu of Southern Philippines.

Who made this stuff?  This stuff is a product of several community livelihood in the Philippines.  When you own this handmade handbag, you’ll be supporting 3 livelihood of marginalized artisans.  The body of the bag is made by weavers in Leyte, Philippines.  The tussel is made by sewers in Mandaluyong, Philippines while the metal brass is made by the T’boli tribe in Lake Sebu, Philippines.

Grab this sweet, rare and naturally beautiful handmade bag now!!!